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But what you get is actually a very beautiful case that kind of has this...I almost want to say it has like a granite finish to it, believe it or not with the textures, but yet is very smooth. It's very smooth to the touch and, most important, it's extremely light. Man, I'm talking about this is probably the lightest watch you're going to wear and most of, obviously, the lightest watches in the market are carbon. So going over a little bit about the characteristics of the watch. It's a 44mm case and, if you've heard me say it before, AP says 44mm, but in reality the watch is a bit bigger. I for one, the stainless steel and the gold seem to fit a little bit too big for my liking, at least for my wrist size, but the carbon fits perfect. Very light watch. I can't seem to stress that any more. I wore one one time for a whole month. I just couldn't take it off. And when I went to put on a steel Offshore like this, it felt like it weighed 1000 pounds. It has a ceramic bezel, which is a very great upgrade. A very large, better said, upgrade. Some of the other watches replica rolex uk reviews in the past, like the Grand Prix, had that forged carbon bezel or the Elini, and it kind of was problematic. The carbon bezel can flake and stuff like that. Great change with the ceramic. It looks very good and it's also very durable.

Chronograph function, just like any of the oth replicamagic er AP chronographs with the date. Automatic movement, rubber strap, titanium buckle. Very nice watch, very stealthy, so if you're looking for a very sporty watch, this would definitely be it. So with the retail price of roughly around $37,000, you could probably pick one up pre-owned for a minimum of $25,000. This is not a watch for obviously a beginner collector. But if you are in that market and you're capable of spending that much, this is probably going to be one of the most comfortable and best daily wears you'll ever have. If you can go around and get into that whole forged carbon trip, you're going to love it. It's so comfortable, so understated and, as far as the Watch Game goes, it's serious. So if you're looking to buy one preown ed, I would say $25,000 would be kind of an area where you want to be. They can be a little bit more. Things you want to look at is the condition of the carbon, the carbon case. That's one thing that I want to stress. Carbon cannot be refinished. I'm sure you could send it to AP, and I know they could refinish it, but it's not like a steel or a gold watch where it can be refinished - so that's very important. The carbon has to be in good condition. Take a close look at the ceramic bezel as well. If it has any chips or deep scratches, that as well cannot be fixed. But if other than that it's fine, you're going to have a fantastic piece that I can guarantee you you're going to love. If you like this blog, don't forget to like and share. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric. Watch Your Style!Hey guys this is Kevin from

And today we'll be doing comparisons between three different watches at three different price points. Starting from the left here, we have the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, reference number 114300. Then the center we have the Rolex Datejust 41, reference number 126333. And then we have the Rolex Day-Date President 40 here on my very right and that's reference number 228238. We'll be going over the pricing, the dial bezel case crown bracelet class, and we'll talk about the movements towards the end of the blog. Specifically, this blog is just to show you guys what you can expect at different price points for Rolex's and hopefully find one that works for you. So starting off with the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. You can get this at an authorized Rolex Retailer for $5,700 or you can get it from for $4,200. The Datejust 41, in the center here, you can get this from an authorized Rolex Retailer for $12,050 or come to for $10,100. And at the very end here, this full gold Day-Date President, you're looking at $34,850 for the retail pricing, and then you can come to and get it for as low as $26,000. Alright, so let's go ahead and take a look at the dials of these watches. Start off from the Oyster Perpetual, we can see very different color dial compared to the other two. As the other two are champagne dials. The color configuration you can be expecting from a Rolex Oyster Perpetual, you can see it in either this grape red color,

either a blue or a rhodium, which is sort of a grayish silver color. Where as the two higher tiers of the Rolex's, the Datejust 41 and the Day-Date 40, you're looking to see those color configurations for your dials. Specifically for the Datejust you're looking at a silver champagne or black dial and for the Day-Date urwerk replica watches President you can get that in either the roman numeral hour markers that's shown here for white or champagne or the NX marker similar to the Day-Date 41's. You can get that in a champagne, silver or black. Besides that the hour markers are different as well. We can see on the Oyster Perpetual we only have luminous hour markers on the three six nine position with the other hour markers just being a 18 karat white gold. Where as the center, the champagne Datejust here, we have each NX hour marker fully luminous you can tell by the white strips in the hour marker itself. And they're highly legible chromo light displays with long lasting blue luminescence. And for the Day-Date we're looking at Roman Numerals in solid 18 karat yellow gold but watch replica forums no luminosity. So this will have harder viewing at night, of course, with nothing illuminating the watch. However, you can get the same index markers on Datejust for the Day-Date 40 as well. So, this is just if you want the solid 18 karat yellow gold roman numerals. Alright, another difference is that the hands as you can see towards, from the Oyster Perpetual to the Datejust we have luminous hand tips. As you can see there's little white stripes as well. Where as the Day-Date President is just a solid 18 karat yellow gold. Alright, besides that other noticeable differences is that no date on the Oyster Perpetual.

We have a day of the three o'clock position with cyclops lens for magnification and easier view. Now that date on the Datejust 41 and the Day-Date President we're looking at both of the date at the 3:00 position as well as the day at the 12:00 position. As you can see it's saying Thursday at the very top there. Besides that we still have very simple text at the 12:00 position for each watch. So the Rolex crown 18 karat white gold for the Oyster Perpetual, 18 karat yellow gold for the crown logo on the Datejust and the President. One thing to mention that's a little bit diff- small thing to mention that a little bit different the best replica watches in the world is that the Datejust does have a 60 second scale around the outer edge as well. So let's go ahead and move on to the bezels now. For the bezels you are looking at a steel dome bezel that's been high polished for the Oyster Perpetual so it has a little nice little shine on there. For the Day-Date 41 in a President you're looking at... Oh sorry, the Datejust 41 and the President your looking at an 18 karat fluted yellow gold bezel. See you're very beautiful shines very nicely when lights hits it. Moving on, the Oyster Perpetual ioffer fake watches is more of a sporty watch compared to the Datejust and the Day-Date. And as you can easily see that by the polishing on the case, as we move onto the case, if you take a look at the lugs of each case. You can see that this one has been in the satin finish brush deal lugs. Where as the Datejust has nice high polished lugs and the President here has nice high polished lugs as well. The case sizes are different as well. We're looking at a 39 millimeter case for the grape, 41 millimeter for Datejust and a 40 millimeter for the Day-Date.

So moving on the crowns now. The crowns, just small minor differences on the crowns as well. We have of course a steel crown, that's a screw down 20 lock double waterproofness system, 18 karat yellow gold crowns for the Dayjust and Day-date for the President. Sorry, they're all screw down 20 lock double waterproofness systems. Each watch has the same water resistance of 100 meters or 330 feet. Besides that, the functions of the crown we actually have additional blogs on our YouTube page. You can take a look at each crown functions but very briefly here, each crown function will be different. The Oyster Perpetual will only allow for winding of the watch and setting of the hour and minute hand. For the Dayjust, you'll have the additional complication of being able to change the date instantaneously along with setting the watch and winding the watch. For the day-date president, you're looking at double quick set, which allows for changing of the day at the 12 o'clock position, the date, winding of the watch, bi-directional setting of the hands. Let me go ahead and move on to the bracelets now. I'm going to adjust this here.

So for the bracelets of the watch we have two similar style bracelets here for the Dayjust and the Oyster Perpetual. We're looking at Oyster links, which is a three piece link, like I said, the Oyster Perpetual is more of a sports watch as we see with the brushed polished sand finished three piece links, oyster links in the 904L steel. The 904L steel, by the way, is an in-house made steel by Rolex, has additional corrosion resistance. So we have that just brushed steel throughout the Oyster links whereas the Dayjust in the center here, we have that same 904L brushed steel links on the outer edges but now its what Rolex calls Rolsor, it's a combination of using that 904L steel and then placing that also using in unison with the 18 karat yellow gold as we see down the center of the bracelet, we have the 18 karat yellow gold high polished nicely there. The President has a special type of bracelet. As the name states, it's a President bracelet. It's similar to a jubilee bracelet that Rolex has which is a five piece link bracelet, but this one is actually just a three piece link, semi-circular links as you can see there. Semi-circular. And it still has the same configuration as the Day-just with the sand finished brushed yellow gold links on the outer edges while the center has a very beautiful high polish. Gives a nice contrasting shine to it. Moving on to the clasps now. So I'm going to go ahead and just adjust this here to show you guys more easily. So, here we are. So here are the clasps for each watch. So the Oyster Perpetual and the Datejust, very similar style clasps. It's just a simple folding clasp. And let me go ahead and pop that open for you guys.

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Casio Edifice with bracelet Fist of all, I want to present Edifce because this is the recently top choice of men with elegant design and strong style This can be suitable to businessmen, or men above 24 years old Wearing an Edifice, you can have an elegant style and an image of a gentleman And the affordable price is another plus point of this model With just more than 2 million VND so you can buy an Edifice with the water resistance of 100 M and having many functions such as stopwatch with high accuracy And this model also has the luxury products 2. Casio G-Shock This was born because Casio want to make an unbreakable timepiece G-Shock is a breakthrough product of Casio and it has a lot of fans all over the world G-Shock has a strong personality, rugged design which can match perfectly many youngsters Thanks to a hard plastic case and can resist high pressure not to mention an amazing water resistance of 20 bar so users can feel more secure when they're using this watch The signigicant features of G-Shock are altimeter, atmospheric pressure or temperature measurement countdown clock or measuring distances Some can have a tide graph and moon chart the function of measuring water depth for pro-divers On the other hand, this watch can receives time calibration signals and corrects the time automatically which can help users always know the replica watch ru exact time In the recent market, you have just to spend from 2 million VND to buy a G-Shock 3. Casio Databank This is a special model of Casio because it

has the ability of store whatever data you want into its memory a brand new function of Casio ulysse nardin replica watches watches Databank can help you to save names, phone numbers, and email adress and it always comes with a calculator in its memory This watch has a battery life of about 10 years It also has a TV/VCR Remote Control So this digital watch is very suitable for students and others who loves Casio digital watches And you can feel very secure when using this watch with a high water resistance And the price is very affordable You can own one Casio Databank with just more than 1 million VND 4. Casio Outgear If you're passionate about fishing this model can surprise you a lotAlright, so today I wanna go over the top 3 watches that I regret ever buying. Stella! And if this is something you have never done yet, then you will eventually notice that you did, because it's something that can't be avoided. When you start collecting watches, one starts with a certain opinion about a watch, and then your test and views ends up changing. So it's a normal thing, but breitling replica watches review I wanna share with you my three top regrets in purchasing watches. Alright, so the first one is actually probably one of my favorite fake rolex explorer ii ones to say just because, I swear to God, I would have never thought that I would have fallen victim to an impulse buy of this nature because I'm not really much of an impulse buyer. I usually know what I want, but...look, it's very complicated to say. I was in Vegas. We jacob co replica watches were partying at the Wynn. Things were getting out of control like it should be in Vegas. And I know that there's a Chopard boutique and I'm not much of a Chopard fan, but the crazy part is that, when I woke up in the morning,

I had at some point, bought a Copard Superfast Chron. Now, don't get me wrong...It's not a bad looking watch. I just don't understand what on Earth possessed me to go and buy a Chopard stainless steel Superfast at full retail. Jesus Christ! What a bad one! It was one of those situations. I had to fly out early the next day. I woke up and I just see this box...I couldn't believe it man! I bought this watch, full retail, Chopard Superfast. Apparently, I was annihilated replica watches wholesale usa the night before and I did an impulse buy from Hell. I ended up having to sell the watch on Ebay and it took about 3 months for me to get rid of it and the sale along was super sketchy because Ebay freaking scares me for those types of things. The second biggest mistake that I ever made was that I bought a Deepsea. And one of the real reasons that it bothered me the most was because I had a super, super clean 50th Anniversary Rolex Sub LV, the one with the black dial and the green bezel. Man, I'm talking about it was so crispy, it looked like new, old stock. And then, the Deepsea had just come out and I was kind of fascinated by a bigger version of the Submariner, so I ended up working a trade, and I ended up trading in my watch and $1,200 for the Deepsea, which is still not that bad of a deal, but man, what a mistake! When I had the Deepsea for about a month, I was just hating it. I ended up putting it in a safety deposit box and just never wearing for about three or four years until I finally sold it. The watch ended u

p being a little replica breitling watch bit too heavy. I feel like the novelty of the watch being bigger and that whole thing kind of wore off pretty fast. In the beginning I liked it and it kind of freaked out a couple of people when I first had it because they were like, what kind of double taking of how much bigger it was, but in the long run, I completely hated the watch. I know it's great for some people and if you love it, hey, nothing wrong with that. But for me, I found it to be way too top heavy and I just know it. It just didn't do it for me. I would have much rather in the long run, kept my LV, and that's why it's my second biggest mistake, because not only did I buy a watch I didn't end up liking, I also sacrificed a watch that I still loved for it. And last, but not least, which in some ways should be number 1 also, I'm gonna say was my rose rolex replica presidential diamond watch gold Hublot Big Bang. Don't get me wrong guys. I love the watch, the way it looks, OK? Good looking watch. I think it's cool, but I kinda regret buying that watch because...Oh, what can I tell you? any replica watch review The market pretty much took a nosedive. What do you want me to say? They even made a special edition for my Grandma and she's...except for my opinion, she's just not the most important person in the world to other people except for me. [Grandma speaking in Spanish] Yeah man...

The Big Bang was probably another mistake because, even though I'm in the business, I still ended up losing money by the time I sold it. And I take care of my watches, especially the watches that I love most, so the replica watch company I kinda didn't use it as much as I would have wanted to because I just kinda wanted know, keep it mint. I guess I was protecting it like it was some type of Patek 5980, when I probably should just worn the [bleep] out of it until the bezel came off. Yeah, I think number 3 watch...the third watch that I regret ever buying was the Hublot Big Bang in rose gold and one of the reasons was because I also had the option of buying an AP 41 millimeter chrono in steel and I passed that up because I just felt victim of having some rose gold. I felt into this sickness of the Hublot Mirage. Ok guys, so those are the top 3 mistakes I've ever made buying watches. If you think you're not gonna make that mistake, you'll see. It will happen to you. I could probably do a quick easy Top 10 Watches I Regret Buying, but that's part of collecting. You buy the watches. You use them for a while. The watch that you love today replica rolex vs real might not be the watch that you love tomorrow. So keep that in mind when you're buying the watch and what you're paying for it, which is why I say, if you're gonna pay full retail for a watch, make sure it's a watch that's a classic and that you'll love forever. If you liked this blog, please like and share. Also, remember to subscribe to our channel.

My name is Eric. Watch Your Style!Now it's time... for something completely different. Smart devices have combined many elements of the trendy modern man or, indeed woman. Phones, cameras, calculators, personal organises and of courses, watches, have all been augmented into one device. So wristwatches these days need to do something different, something unique, and, in this case, something cool to appeal to the gadget keen and trendy consumer. Tokyo Flash is Japanese watch making firm that's looking to do just that and reinvent the way we read time with a wide range of stylised watches. This is the Kisai OTO and the immediate thing you'll notice is the unique way the digits are organised. The two digits in the top left denote hours, the two digits in the bottom left denote minutes and the two digits that straddle the right side of the watch are seconds. So the time is 8:25. The calendar setting works in a similar fashion too. Month in the top left, date in the bottom left and year along the right side. It does look peculiar but you get used to very quickly. This watch has an always-on LCD display but also has a funky backlight feature in dark surroundings. This light is available in four different flavours, those being amber, blue, green or red. But this next feature is what sets OTO apart from anything else. Open up the sensor screw and fire up some tunes. This watch has a built in equaliser and reacts to loud sounds so this badboy is ideal for impressing your peers while out on the town. And there you have the Kisai OTO watch in a nut shell. Very well built, cool looking and trendy, but practical? Errrrr no. First of all it's heavy and big.

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